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Vous trouverez ci-dessous les 2 clients NX portables que j’ai fait.

NB : La version 1.5 fonctionne avec freenx, ce qui n’est pas le cas pour les versions supèrieures

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Si quelqu’un à une version il me l’envoyer, j’en ferais une version portable, la mienne à eu un problème lors de la compression


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  1. ANkh
    9 mai 2009

    Hey, I hate to be a bore, but any chance you could translate some of this page into english?
    You’ve put together a very handy piece of kit, but it’s quite tricky to set up.

  2. admin
    9 mai 2009

    Hi ANkh
    I can translate some part of this page, but there is nothing in it who need a translation … For the portable nx client I give only the software I don’t explain (in this page) how install the NX server …
    It is this part you need ?

    but if I can help you, it will be a pleasure.


  3. ANkh
    10 mai 2009

    Oh no, there is no need to explain how to install the NX Server.
    The information I need is what version the portable nx clients are, and how to configure them to connect ot my server.

  4. admin
    16 mai 2009

    Hi ANkh

    Normally the zipfile name include the nx version
    for configure nx client it’s like the install version when you start the software you need to configure the connexion, you can’t keep the configuration since the version 3


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